VOLKSWAGEN SHARAN tdi Seat Alhambra large interior space automatic

Type of car: Volkswagen Sharan - automatic dsg gear shift tdi van
Engine size: 2000 ccm
Automatic transm.: Yes
Aircondition: Yes
Car rental tips: The Volkswagen Sharan - automatic tdi 's practical, individually variable isofix seats offer endless comfort and safety for you and your family. Comfort is enhanced by the automatic transmission, and parking is aided by a side sliding door, which makes it easier for children to get in and out of the car. Due to its high interior, it can be packed perfectly, its luggage space can be up to 2610 liters!

Volkswagen Sharan Pdtdi DSG gear shift automatic minivan

Could it be two more?

Let's say with two extra sessions?

When using seven-seater cars, you usually have to make a compromise! The two extra seats that fold up from the luggage compartment are most comfortable for children, and there is usually no space left for luggage.

But not on the 7-seater Sharan minibus!

In this well-thought-out, extremely practical family travel car, those in the third row can enjoy driving in full-fledged seats, and there is even room for luggage if all seven passengers pack in smaller suitcases to fit another 300 liters in the seven open seats. insurance trunk. If the 2 rear seats are not needed, they can be removed with a loose motion, increasing the storage to 710 liters.

With 2 people in turn, an incredible amount of space remains in the car, 2300 liters!

What additional amenities does a Sharan have?

The driver's seat and steering wheel can be adjusted to any position, the view is maximally ensured, the rear-view mirrors are perfectly sized, the DSG gear lever can be moved in butter, the engine is controlled by the Start / Stop system at the red lights, but for those who don't like it, it's natural. service can also be turned off.

Approaching the second and third rows of seats, large but easily movable sliding doors ensure passengers can get in and out comfortably, even in a cramped parking space. The 3 seats in the middle row are also sectioned, so their settings can be customized individually.

If everyone is located, they will have a comfortable trip, plus incredibly low fuel consumption.

A 180-horsepower dynamic, yet economical and quiet resource, moves the car through a continuously variable automatic transmission.

Premium quality hi-fi and bluetooth handsfree make the trip comfortable.

Ventilation, heating and cooling are well tuned and fully automatic.

Traction control, anti-lock braking, traction control and differential lock are all found in the car. The tire pressure indicator notifies the driver in good time of any pressure loss.

The most exciting yet is the versatility of the interior, from a single van to a seven-seater family car, all variations are easy and quick to adjust.

Up to three meters

No need to interrupt your journey with frequent refueling! With a full tank, the Sharan can do 1,300 kilometers!

Don't you believe? Try it! Rent it!

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