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Delivery van rental - Cargo vans hire

Rent a cargo and smaller, bigger boxed, curbside and flatbed vehicles!

Would you move, but why not? Do you plan to shop for a great event? Are you renovating an apartment or house?

Visit United Car Rental to take care of all the necessary items, items and equipment.
Benefit from more than one type of truck, vans or van, thus avoiding unnecessary costs. You do not have to worry about having to go back several times, the cost of moving the movable property to expensive expatriates. Have not you been driving such a big vehicle yet? Our business is solving your problem! Hire a van with driver service so you can move your car safely!

Smaller delivery car hire - rent a small cargo van in Budapest:

Fiat Doblo Cargo furgon:

Also called puttonyos. Compact commercial vehicle passenger car-looking, heavy-duty vehicle. Low consumption, comfortable cabin, large storage space. It is advantageous, robust and functional in all circumstances.

Recommended for larger excursions, equipment transportation, service vehicle, maintenance installation professionals.

Renault Kangoo rentafurgon:

Comfortable and advantageous high-end commercial vehicle. It is easily transformable, utilizing the bodybuilder to greatly facilitate the transport of longer objects. Excellent for courier services for packet transport, specialists parts for the transport of tools.

For our special, daily, monthly and permanent furgon rental prices for special trucks, please contact our Budapest customer service at our contact information:


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