Volkswagen Arteon Coupé automatic premium vehicle rental

Type of car: Volkswagen Arteon automatic premium coupé
Engine size: 2000 ccm
Automatic transm.: Yes
Aircondition: Yes
Car rental tips: The VW Arteon Coupe is a beautifully designed and elegant car with an attractive design and extremely comfortable and spacious passengers. Powerful engines and precise driving experience make driving unforgettable. Innovative technologies such as the adaptive suspension and the digital dashboard make the driving experience even more pleasant. The Arteon Coupe can therefore be the ideal choice for those who want a modern and sporty car.


The high-end Volkswagen Arteon Coupé became available soon to everyone from the Rentauto fleet!


The Volkswagen Arteon Coupé is a car that offers true luxury and comfort to travelers. This car is for those who demand high standards in all areas of life and are not satisfied with the average. If you belong to this category, then renting a VW Arteon is an excellent option for you.

Its design is modern, elegant and sporty at the same time, with attention to every detail. The car has a black reflective roof and LED lighting, which makes it a great sight at night. The interior of the car is also characterized by first-class quality, high-quality materials and stylish design make the trip unforgettable.

The Arteon is powerful and comfortable, suitable for both city traffic and longer journeys. The car's engine delivers excellent performance and handles highway speeds with ease. Our rental rates are competitive, and we can easily adjust the rental period to your needs. In addition, there are guaranteed no hidden costs during the rental, the fees include the mandatory and casco insurance as well as the company car tax.

If you want to experience the luxury of the Arteon yourself, don't hesitate and rent the car for your next trip! We look forward to welcoming you among our tenants, and we guarantee that the Arteon will provide you with an enjoyable journey!

The combination of lightened bodywork and driver assistance technologies makes the driving experience unique. Crafted from premium materials, the Arteon Coupé's interior is surprisingly spacious while offering the highest levels of comfort and convenience features, including adaptive suspension, adaptive cruise control and a touchscreen infotainment system.

VW Arteon premium Coupé is for our private or business renters who are looking for innovative technology, driving pleasure and premium quality in a car with a distinctive, classically elegant appearance.


We look forward to hearing from you regarding the detailed equipment and rental options!

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