SUZUKI SX4 S-CROSS small compact crossover SUV for rent

Type of car: SUZUKI SX4 S-CROSS small crossover in the city
Engine size: 1600 ccm
Automatic transm.: No
Aircondition: Yes
Passengers:          
Car rental tips: The Suzuki SX4 S-Cross rental car is a safe family car for city roads and easier terrain. Key features: manual or automatic transmission, outstanding technical solutions, large luggage space, innovative interior with plenty of comfort features. The Suzuki SX4 S-Cross rental car is the perfect combination of style and performance. It can be rented at a discounted price, with free delivery.


Off-Road Vehicle - Suzuki SX4 S-CROSS!

The SUV crossover with Standard SUV design is now available for rent




Suzuki SX4 S-CROSS Rental Car - City and Off-Road Fun

Surrender to your intuitions and lead a crossover born for adventure! The SX4 S-CROSS will always be your best companion as it offers plenty of modern solutions for comfortable and safe travel. With our latest Suzuki RV, driving on asphalt roads and off-road is enjoyable. Whatever destination you choose, you can be sure that your compact SUV will get you there.

With its well-tailored technical solutions and comfortable, spacious interior, the rental car is especially recommended for family trips across the city and light terrain!


Rent a sleek offroad family car!

Wherever you look at the SX4 Cross, two things are sure to come to mind: strength and style. Sporty lines on the sides, a steel nose and a stunning design make it a family car that always draws attention to itself.





Street jeep car rental full of good ideas. Everything fits and you don't have to give up comfort!

The innovative interior offers unique freedom for passengers with practical solutions and plenty of comfort features. The 430-liter luggage compartment can be easily adapted to luggage, and thanks to the large legroom, five adults can comfortably fit in the car. For entertainment, the smart display provides a sound system that can be connected to a smartphone for passengers.





Made for adventure: The perfect leisure rental car for an active family outing!

Watch out, ready, adventure! The SX4 S-CROSS is a crossover that radiates strength and confidence. It has a prestigious SUV design and a myriad of intrinsic values that make it a true explorer. Sit back and let yourself be enchanted!

Crossover car rental, which is at the forefront everywhere

With momentum in the big city: The appearance of Suzuki’s new fashion SUV’s striking crossover looks just as good in a bustling big city as it does on country trips.

If your road leads to terrain, you can still go on with confidence. One of the most advanced all-wheel drive systems, the Allgrip 4X4, helps you make the most of the SX4's S-CROSS capabilities. Thanks to this and its stable chassis, the car can be driven perfectly in off-road conditions and on slippery roads.

With the Allgrip 4x4 you can set the car to four different modes:

Auto mode: low gear for average road conditions. When all-wheel drive is detected, all-wheel drive is engaged.

Sport mode: puts more torque on the rear wheels for better cornering performance with the car. When accelerating, the engine reacts more strongly.

Snow mode: Better grip on snowy, icy, dusty roads. The car can also be driven with confidence on slippery roads.

Lock mode: Helps release a car stuck in mud, snow or sand. It puts more torque on the rear wheels and adapts ESPR and other technologies accordingly. Switches to Snow mode from 60 km / h.




Family travel leisure off-road is always safe

The SX4 S-CROSS is one of the most versatile cars ever. This is evidenced by its powerful offroad construction, excellent road driving characteristics and smart safety system. Whatever the road, weather or task, you can always count on this family car!

If the tires lose traction, the ESPR automatically brakes and modifies the engine control so that the driver does not lose control of the vehicle.

With the anti-roll back system, you can easily start on steep roads. The start assist prevents the car from rolling backwards until it changes from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal.

The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) notifies the driver of a low tire pressure with an indication in the car's information display.

Extra safety for passengers is provided by double-sided curtain airbags, a knee airbag to protect the driver and front and side airbags.

The adaptive cruise control detects the distance to the vehicle in front of you and maintains the distance set by the driver with automatic deceleration or acceleration.

If there is a risk of a collision, the radar emergency brake assistant will, depending on the situation


  • automatically brakes
  • warns the driver with light braking
  • draws attention to the danger of a collision or increases the braking force, thus helping the braking efficiency.


The SX4 S-CROSS is equipped with:

  • LED multi-reflector headlight
  • Electromagnetic tailgate opener
  • Rear window defogger
  • Automatic wiper and lighting control
  • Information display integrated in the instrument cluster
  • 3-spoke steering wheel
  • Electric windows
  • Push-button engine starting system
  • 4-speaker audio system that can be connected to a smartphone
  • Seat heating
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Cruise control
  • Front and rear cup holders (2-2 pcs)
  • Front and rear bottle holders (2-2 pcs)
  • Front airbags, curtain airbags, side airbags, knee airbags
  • Hill Start Assist
  • ISOFIX child seat mounting
  • Electronic stability program
  • Brake Assist





More information about our smaller crossover family rental cars:

  • low mileage new cars
  • average 0-1 year rental cars (2018, 2019 types)
  • comfortable 5-door design
  • spacious interior with large luggage compartment
  • low consumption (~ 5 liters / 100 km)
  • several types and colors
  • different equipment
  • petrol models, but a diesel version is available at an additional cost
  • automatic air conditioning
  • manual or automatic transmission


For the pricing and long-term rental of our Suzuki SX4 car, please contact our company's contact numbers.

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