SKODA KODIAQ 2.0 TDI urban SUV hire for large family managers

Type of car: Skoda Kodiaq tdi metropolitan SUV for adults.
Engine size: 2800 ccm
Automatic transm.: Yes
Aircondition: Yes
Car rental tips:

A real "big game".

Due to their striking appearance and large space, recreational cars are popular - more and more people are choosing from this category when buying and renting. Skoda offers several MPV-SUV models in this segment as Yeti, Karoq or VisionX, naming the biggest in style after the largest of the brown bears, the Alaska Kodiak bear.


Skoda Kodiaq SUV jeep can be combined with a 7-seater interior on request

This car can travel up to seven and still has a small car (270 liters) of luggage space, but behind five people you can already manage the largest space in its category - 720 liters - and if necessary more than 2 cubic meters (2065 liters) of space is available.

Traveling with Kodiaq is good!

And with a Skoda Kodiaq, it’s especially reassuring. Already with its size, it creates a sense of security, and its state-of-the-art safety equipment and five-star crash test further reinforce this feeling. There are plenty of storage spaces inside and out, which come in very handy for longer trips, and of course the Kodiaq also includes beautifully practical solutions such as an umbrella that can be pulled out of the front door cavity.

The SuperB is a huge city SUV

Built on the foundations of the Skoda Superb, the Kodiaq is a huge city SUV, the all-wheel-drive version of which can even be actually taken off-road. Two in one. With our huge SUV, which can be converted into a seven-seater and can be called a SUV, even a large family can start comfortably on the road. And if you already have a large family and children, then safety also plays a big role. Of course, all airbags can be found in our car, such as front airbags, curtain airbags, side and side rear airbags and space airbags. In addition, the pre-crash protection system also protects passengers. The car body itself, due to its size, weight and quality, greatly reduces the risk of serious injury in the event of a collision in this car.

Moving bear with moderate appetite

The two-liter diesel engine (150 hp, 340 Nm) is an ideal compromise: it moves the car with enough dynamics, but is particularly economical considering the weight and dimensions.

Find out with us how to make renting a 7-seater quality city SUV crossover car with a huge interior cheaper at the same time!

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