OPEL MOKKA X urban leisure car rental

Engine size: 1600 ccm
Automatic transm.: No
Aircondition: Yes
Passengers:  
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Opel Mokka X crossover rental car review

The small city SUV with a powerful and economical EcoTec engine, a youthful design and a practical cabin. If you drive an Opel Mokka X rental car, you will hardly notice any road errors due to its excellent driving characteristics.

The most powerful version of the Opel MokkaX is already available from us with the 1.4 turbo petrol with 140 horsepower. Our vehicle in question is a 6-speed, manual transmission front-wheel drive car and this is also important because by default the X does not refer to all-wheel drive, but rather focuses on the crossover character, so it is a sleek little urban SUV. In its off-road characteristics, however, you don't have to think about too serious things, but even in the field, this high-built car manages without any problems. The six-speed transmission is very precise, very precise and travels short, making it perfect for urban use as well.

Dynamic driving characteristics

Based on our experience so far, the Opel MokkaX is excellent for use in the city. In some, it fires almost instantly, it goes incredibly dynamically, but even in two, the wheels spin. To avoid speeding due to its dynamics, the car can be set to have a speed warning function to prevent you from accidentally driving faster than you need to. In such cases, the car will sound right at the moment when we cross the speed limit with it and do not take expensive commemorative photos of us or get an unpleasant surprise in the form of a penalty check in a few weeks. Attention! Our crossover is going very, very well, so speeding isn’t hard with it! :-) Accordingly, if we press the accelerator pedal a lot, the car can consume around 8 liters, but with economical driving we can easily bring the indicators under 6 liters.

Comfortable equipment

Our well-equipped models also feature seat heating, steering wheel heating and dual-zone digital air conditioning, which makes longer trips much more comfortable, as the front seat occupants can set up to two different temperatures.

Give it a try and the driving experience will enchant you too. United Rent a Car: Car rental in Budapest, with free delivery and insurance, unlimited kilometers!

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