LANCIA GRAND VOYAGER AUTOMATA tdi 7 full seats extended trunk MPV

Type of car: Lancia-Chrysler-Dodge Grand Voyager - automatic tdi
Engine size: 2800 ccm
Automatic transm.: Yes
Aircondition: Yes
Car rental tips: The Lancia-Chrysler-Dodge Grand Voyager - automatic tdi is outstanding in its category with the quality and elegance of our practical minibus. Equipped with leather interior, motorized side doors and countless extras, it awaits our customers wishing to travel with the best high-end multivan rental car.


Lancia Voyager is the emperor of travel!

With 7 full seats, extended luggage space, luxury travel for seven people

Since its launch 27 years ago, it has become a cult car called the Grand Voyager, winning countless fans around the world ever since. Maybe that’s not an exaggeration, many say it was the first SUV to sell 13 million in 120 countries around the world. And please fans! Our favorite has never provided as much luxury as Lancia’s new Voyager!

How much better to rent a Grand Voyager?

Elegant, yet practical, equipped with all comforts, awaits its demanding tenants, with 7 comfortable leather-covered seats!

The 2.8 diesel powerplant, with its six-speed automatic transmission, 163 hp and 360 NM of torque, effortlessly moves this car with an extremely well-varied passenger compartment and also a large boot. Despite its great performance, if we don't hurt the car, we can easily take the consumption down to less than 7 liters / 100km on the country road with some attention! From its huge size and heavy weight, we could first conclude that it will slowly reach the desired pace with snail acceleration, but this is not the case! Our minibus is as big as it is dynamic.

The motorized side sliding doors and the tailgate can be opened remotely. 5 seats can be folded into the floor in one go, giving you a huge van interior if you are just carrying something.

Separately adjustable air conditioning at the front and rear, motorized adjustable front seats, color reversing camera, make this elegant minivan even more captivating. In a word, all the good things on earth have been sucked into this extremely comfortable minivan, we get everything you would expect from a high-end, leather-backed family minibus. What’s more, when transporting extra quantities of luggage, the rear second and third rows of seats can be lowered below the floor plane in one go.

The Lancia Grand Voyager caters to all the needs of those who want special quality, even on a long trip abroad. Travel in American luxury at an affordable price!

Rent a premium, exclusive Grand Voyager from us!

Our SUV can be delivered to your address on request, but you can even drop it off in another country or rent it with a driver for both short and long term!

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