RENAULT GRAND SCÉNIC 1.5 dci family 7-seater automatic gear shift van

Type of car: FAMILY MINIVAN - Renault Grand Scenic dci
Engine size: 1500 ccm
Automatic transm.: Yes
Aircondition: Yes
Car rental tips: A universal minivan can even be ordered with an automatic transmission. Van for rent - we are able to ensure for you the Scénic as multi-purpose vehicle with automatic transmission too. For the perfect trip, choose the perfect family car. Our minivan minivan offers up to 550 gallons of luggage, but 1800 with seats taken out and 7 full-featured, easy-to-fold seats. A quick move or a weekend break is no longer an obstacle. Choose a pleasant family car for your vacation!

Renault Grand Scénic 1.5 dci családi egyterű van


According to stereotypes, French cars are comfortable and Renault is safe. The Renault Grand Scénic denies none of this, but it offers many more in addition to the benefits mentioned.

The car stands out with its unique shape from the crowd of mostly not-so-imaginative SUVs: the D-pillar solution exudes light elegance, while the striking widening above the wheel provides a sporty look.

The favorable first impression is followed by new ones after sitting high: plenty of space at the front and back, as well as quality materials that are pleasant to the touch in the interior.


Driving experience and practicality

Luckily for this, driving the Renault Grand Scénic is no disappointment either: the seats are not only comfortable in French, but also provide very good lateral support (even for two people in the rear), precise suspension is also one of the car's strengths, and above-average sound insulation enhances the sense of quality, and even the six-speed manual transmission is very fine (this time fortunately belying the prejudice about French car transmissions). The very economical version of the 1.5 dci engine nevertheless carries this large 7-seater with extremely good dynamics. On average, with attentive driving, we can expect an average consumption of 5-6 liters, which is very friendly.

The luggage compartment of the Renault Grand Scénic is suitable for 7 people, even if it is not outstanding in its category, but it can still be packed well, and by tilting the rear rear seats from the rear, we get a huge cargo space for larger items, bicycles or small furniture. For 7-person use, even the split-tilt rear seats are perfectly accessible. The passenger compartment is also full of ergonomic designs, smart storage compartments and luggage compartments, so a lot of things can still be hidden in the passenger compartment.

If you are going on a long journey with six or seven people or many packages, or you want to tie 3 child seats next to each other regularly, and comfort and safety are both important to you, then this car is a great choice!

Our universal minivan can even be ordered with an automatic transmission. Traveling with the automatic transmission Scénic is even more pleasant!

Feel free to call us to find the rental construction that best suits your needs from our wide range!

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