SKODA SUPERB automatic tdi / hybrid business class sedan rental

Engine size: 2000 ccm
Automatic transm.: No
Aircondition: Yes
Passengers:  
Car rental tips: Skoda SuperB cars can be rented. Business class vehicles can be requested for senior and middle managers on favorable terms in the long run. We always provide the opportunity to develop individual rental constructions. Our latest car is now available in a plug-in hybrid version!

Skoda SuperB
Business Class automatic vehicle for those occasions when you want to impress. Long-term rental rates are as impressive as the car itself.  Call us now or send us an email and we’ll talk about our ”SuperB” offers!

Skoda SuperB is really super!

Our company rental car itself is a wolf hidden in sheepskin!


The first impression of the car is that great. Outside, inside the.

A body that radiates power and elegance, with a huge and comfortable interior, an awesome 625 liter boot that can be opened and closed without the use of your hands, controlled by your feet.

There are also smaller, useful surprises in the luggage compartment, such as a removable LED flashlight, a 12v connector, and fold-out mounting hooks.

Once we packed the packages, open the door in which they also hid an umbrella thinking of the bad weather. A tiny bit of attention is that the open door projects the Skoda logo in front of our feet so we can avoid getting into other people’s cars by accident!


Convenience features

Sit in comfortable seats that can be adjusted in all directions and not just be heated in front! Needless to say, the also heated steering wheel is also perfectly positioned for comfortable and safe driving. The mirrors are electrically adjustable and can be folded in to avoid parking damage! On both sides, the blind spot monitoring indicator lights are included, making lane changes less risky.

Once the driver has shaped the settings for his own image, he can save them and three others can do so. All seats can be comfortably traveled from the back, with knees up to 2 meters high, the knees of the front seats do not reach the backs, and the heads do not touch the roof upholstery.


The SuperB has all the convenience features and a driving support system that can be checked both with the help of clearly visible instruments and on the screen of the central unit.

The computer monitors lane departure, follows the tracking distance, and also detects and signals road signs on the dashboard. Cooling and heating are fully automated and can also be adjusted from the rear seats.

The 190-horsepower, legendaryly economical VW diesel engine moves the car through a 7-speed automatic transmission. Normal, economical, and sporty driving styles allow the driver to choose the right one for him.

The 2-liter power supply can be started at the touch of a button without a key and accelerates the car to a speed of 100km / h in 7.6 seconds. For urban use, the start-stop system can save the environment. With automatic parking assistance, it is child's play to park in tight spaces.

With one refuel, we can cover 1,200 kilometers, in safety and comfort with the Skoda SuperB!

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