The Toyota CH-R is an innovative unique design car full of the most modern 21st century solutions and technology ever put in a car. Our hybrid-powered fashion-able crossover car can be rented with an automatic transmission in Budapest. Try, will be a great experience!


33 €  / DAY

699 €  / MONTH

Nissan Qashqai crossover 1.6 dci - Drive Europe's most popular leisure car yourself! The well-established name in the SUV field, even during its decade among rental cars, was mostly lined with only positive reviews. From its lovely Bumford city tourer, the Nissan has evolved into a modern, extravagant model that moves within reason.


33 €  / DAY

699 €  / MONTH

Equipped with a BMW 320D TOURING ESTATE AUTOMATIC 7-speed or 8-speed automatic transmission, the latest sporty and practical models are available for daily and long-term rental of our customers. Rent this family-run premium diesel car with a large boot for the holiday season, at an affordable price!


37 € / DAY

819 € / MONTH

The Suzuki Vitara 4WD 1.4 turbo SUV is the true travel companion for purposeful and modern drivers. Make friends for even a long-weekend rental with our multi-function cross-over city SUV, which easily takes on difficult terrain and weather conditions while driving all-wheel drive.


33 €  / DAY

729 €  / MONTH

Get to know the top of the compact category in the VW Golf 7 bluemotion rental car. Its popularity is also due to its powerful diesel turbo engine, premium cabin, five-star crash test and state-of-the-art driver assistance system.


29 €  / DAY

599 €  / MONTH

The Renault Megane GrandTour features a comfortable chassis, precise and fast transmission, a huge boot and passenger compartment, and a five-star crash test. If you are going on a family trip, feel free to step into the characterful-looking Renault Megane station wagon, you won't regret it!


26 € / DAY

569 € / MONTH

Introducing our latest 2019 Toyota Corolla Touring Sports automatic hybrid station wagon rental car. The Toyota Touring Sports combo's dynamic and energy-conscious electric-petrol engine glides silently on the roads with excellent driving performance.


33 € / DAY

699 € / MONTH

The Toyota Yaris hybrid rental car makes driving anywhere you enjoy it really enjoyable. Its huge luggage space is convincing, the self-loading hybrid version has an automatic transmission! Thanks to its mixed-mode high-tech drive, our tenants will also be an environmentally conscious friend.


25 € / DAY

499 € / MONTH

The latest Opel Crossland X rental car offers an inimitable SUV driving experience in both the city and the light terrain. With its power-emitting design, it’s easy to fall in love right away, and sitting behind the wheel is more convincing than anything else.


25 €  / DAY

519 €  / MONTH

Enjoy driving with the rugged and safe (5-star crash test!) Ford Focus station wagon TDI diesel engine! It’s no coincidence that this car is enjoying a burst of popularity among individuals and companies not only in the year of its release, but still today!


29 € / DAY

679 € / MONTH

Would you like to rent a trendy city SUV? Try Ford's most innovative urban SUV now, the stunning new Kuga, which is already part of a new generation of more sophisticated SUVs for the 21st century.


33 € / DAY

699 € / MONTH

The Toyota CH-R hybrid crossover is now available in our automatic transmission version! Try a form-breaking new car that is impossible not to notice due to its overwhelming appearance.


29 €  / DAY

599 €  / MONTH

Suzuki SX4 S-Cross is a small-compact, low-cost city crossover car rental in Budapest at the Lurdy Ház Shopping Center. Rent an air-conditioned crossover car hire, which is always a pleasure to drive!


27 €  / DAY

569 €  / MONTH

Discover the new Toyota Yaris Cross hybrid - the renewed crossover experience of youthful urban life! Compact size, high performance. Fill your life with energy! The new generation small SUV is a comfortable and energy-saving choice!



33 €  / DAY

699 €  / MONTH