HYBRID, plug-in hybrid and electric car rental

The Toyota CH-R is an innovative unique design car full of the most modern 21st century solutions and technology ever put in a car. Our hybrid-powered fashion-able crossover car can be rented with an automatic transmission in Budapest. Try, will be a great experience!


33 €  / DAY

699 €  / MONTH

Get to know the top of the compact category in the VW Golf 7 bluemotion rental car. Its popularity is also due to its powerful diesel turbo engine, premium cabin, five-star crash test and state-of-the-art driver assistance system.


29 €  / DAY

599 €  / MONTH

Introducing our latest 2019 Toyota Corolla Touring Sports automatic hybrid station wagon rental car. The Toyota Touring Sports combo's dynamic and energy-conscious electric-petrol engine glides silently on the roads with excellent driving performance.


33 € / DAY

699 € / MONTH

The Toyota Yaris hybrid rental car makes driving anywhere you enjoy it really enjoyable. Its huge luggage space is convincing, the self-loading hybrid version has an automatic transmission! Thanks to its mixed-mode high-tech drive, our tenants will also be an environmentally conscious friend.


25 € / DAY

499 € / MONTH

The Toyota CH-R hybrid crossover is now available in our automatic transmission version! Try a form-breaking new car that is impossible not to notice due to its overwhelming appearance.


29 €  / DAY

599 €  / MONTH