AIRPORT car rental free deliver & collect services

AIRPORT rent a car free pick up

Budapest Airport Car delivery and pick up service

Process of the car pick up and drop off

The United Auto Rental colleague on the table waiting for you and waiting for you in the name of Budapest Airport lobby , check-in waiting room , right in front of the photocell automatic door as you exit the baggage recorded. As you leave the baggage at the door of the recording cordon waiting for you on your own table name holder must come to our colleague who is waiting right in front of the photocell automatic door . After the introduction of our colleagues will help you with your luggage to get to the rental car, where you can view the delivered car loan.

The conclusion of the lease:

Please complete the form required for clients to present documents to Rent:

  • Identity card / passport
  • Driver's license / international driving license
  • Visa or MasterCard credit card (creditcard, debitcard embossed on the property name)

The deposit ( 400 EUR - 1.000 EUR deposit amount that is appropriate to the car rental category) embossed Visa or MasterCard credit card is temporarily blocked for the duration of the lease . If you have a colleague Electron or AMEX card type you are free to deliver the downtown főirodánkba where electronic kártyaterminálon we will deposit the block .

To add to the data, the conclusion of the lease agreement and receipt of the car quickly made ??just only takes about 15-20 minutes if possible.

During this time he also fluent in English , professionally well-trained customer service staff will inform you further questions to the terms and conditions and responding to our customer.

The car issue we will discuss the exact date of departure that will have your vehicle back to take our office or in the airport parking lot , paying special attention to determine the car's exact place of delivery , the invoice , the rent for organizing and airport transfer time of matching the number of hours.

The United Auto Rental colleagues multiannual experience in customer service , fast and flexible problem -solving skills are at all times available to our esteemed clients . If necessary , the server you can give directions or even our staff can provide additional help in reaching your destination fastest .

Check car loan status:

After signing the lease agreement and additional documents payroll clerk hand over the car reserved for cars.
Specifically show you the technical information , additional devices and joint control in addition to alert the driver to the specific features of the car, showing the technical operation of the car 's controls.
Then together outside we look over the car, and sign on the vehicle status page any damage and the fuel limit and tell you the specific technical informations
The car is as clean as possible and then please return the fuel level as when you release the car when recording.
You, as our customer receives the car rental car loan contract a copy of the documents and rental car ignition key or request pre-ordered extra equipment (such as GPS, child seats , snow chains , mobile phone etc ).

The drop off at the terminal main parking lot

The car lease contract at the end of the agreed customer arrives at a date specified in the contract is to our office or the airport parking garage of the rented car in order to return . If you asked in advance about to be delivered at the car entered Budapest and countryside , so you have administrators will appear at the agreed time . When you buy the car back to the issue as well as together , item by item, we check the technical and aesthetic condition of the vehicle , paying particular attention to the possible damage in the meantime as well. For new technical injury status panel of the vehicle recorded the incident with a further redevelopment in joint consultation with the repossession is sent out . Also check the car papers , accessories complete existence , the expenditure level of additions and extra accessories are also provided separate fuel tank.

The uptake at record any colleague , to transfer state differences and closes the rental contract. If the rental car is complete and returned without damage and delay dissolving the pre - approved by a deposit . At the end of the lease you took me right to the airport departure terminal waiting areas , and then wish you a good trip!

The primary objective of the airport " pick up" car rental services to 24 hours , serving our customers the convenience of landolástól to take-off or full door to door and provide first-class service at an unbeatable price.

GPS navigation rentals

For our rental vehicles we also provide navigation devices for individuals, companies, clubs and any company.

Why should you rent car gps navigation device?

If relatively little travel , is rarely in big cities or in the capital, it is more preferable to use the GPS to rent rather than buy , because you do not need expensive money one may quickly destroyed on aging and depreciating equipment account and there is no need to continually update the device either. Our staff will always take care of updating the maps , any country could make it the way we have the right software to achieve the fastest and easiest destination

  • Daily rental fee: 8 EUR / day
  • Deposit: 100 EUR

We are at your individual offer for long term rental. Find us on the following contacts.


Car rental reservation and information

United Car Rental Hungary
1st Rent Autókölcsönző Ltd.

Non-stop 0-24 phone: +36 30 996 2300
Phone: +36 1 283 8683
Fax: +36 1 209 0604


Head office: Lurdy Ház Shopping Center
1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 12-14.
Office No. 63. downstairs (next to Líra Bookstore)

United Rent a Car in Budapest - cheap vehicle and minivan airport car hire

Nissan Qashqai crossover 1.6 dci - Drive Europe's most popular leisure car yourself! The well-established name in the SUV field, even during its decade among rental cars, was mostly lined with only positive reviews. From its lovely Bumford city tourer, the Nissan has evolved into a modern, extravagant model that moves within reason.


33 €  / DAY

699 €  / MONTH

Our 9-seater Mercedes-Benz Vito, Viano & V-Class minivans can be rented immediately at daily, monthly and long-term rental prices! The 2018, demanding 8 + 1-person black-chrome-metal luxury minibus is a convenient choice for skiing for companies, for families on foreign trips, and for companies to present with a driver, starting from HUF 20,000 / day.


59 €  / DAY

1299 €  / MONTH

Mercedes-Benz E 200 luxury limousine for a long term lease. High category hybrid sedan for demanding persons! In addition to company executives, diplomatic corps and representation purposes, we recommend our classic German luxury car for occasions, weddings and events with a driver. 


69 €  / DAY

1299 €  / MONTH

The Suzuki Vitara 4WD 1.4 turbo SUV is the true travel companion for purposeful and modern drivers. Make friends for even a long-weekend rental with our multi-function cross-over city SUV, which easily takes on difficult terrain and weather conditions while driving all-wheel drive.


33 €  / DAY

729 €  / MONTH

Rent our latest 2019 Skoda Octavia combi tdi car. The Octavia estate station wagon model is not only a popular mid-size company car, but with its huge luggage compartment it can be an ideal choice for travelers and families with many suitcases and luggage.


39 € / DAY

799 € / MONTH

New types Opel Vivaro 2.0 cdti biturbo of 9-person premium quality air-conditioned twinturbo diesel minibuses are now on sale. Features: outstanding quality, comfortable seats, quiet interior, very pleasant driving experience. Due to its elegant appearance, we also recommend it to institutions, business people and companies.


45 €  / DAY

899 €  / MONTH

Toyota C-HR hybrid is a subcompact crossover SUV that combines a stylish design with efficient hybrid power technology. It features a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor that provides a total output of dynamic 121 horsepower.



33 €  / DAY

699 €  / MONTH

Discover the new Toyota Yaris Cross hybrid - the renewed crossover experience of youthful urban life! Compact size, high performance. Fill your life with energy! The new generation small SUV is a comfortable and energy-saving choice!



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699 €  / MONTH

Our VW Arteon Coupé premium car is an exceptional vehicle that combines sporty elegance and premium quality with innovative and modern design. A unique comfort experience combined with high-level technology.


99 € / DAY

1.799 € / MONTH

The Mazda2 is a small, compact vehicle with a delightfully sporty look. Blessed with high-quality interiors, this rental car is packed with state-of-the-art technology. Whether you use it for urban or rural travel, it stands out everywhere with its reliability!


23 € / DAY

499 € / MONTH