OPEL ZAFIRA TOURER 1.6 turbo automatic minivan with 7 variable seats

Engine size: 1600 ccm
Automatic transm.: Yes, available with manual gear shift too
Aircondition: Yes
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VAN RENTAL at our central situated Budapest headoffice: we offer an likable and well movable minivan for the roomy 7-person Opel Zafira. The simple lines of the minivan rental car are elegant and to the point: this car is designed for the large family.


About our Opel Zafira Tourer automatic rental car

Opel is one of the oldest car factories: the company, founded in 1862, has been manufacturing cars since 1899. As a result of abundant experience and German precision, the brand is popular with fans of practical, reliable cars. While more and more people are turning to SUVs because of fashionable trends, there are still many options left in traditional MPVs. These cars are practical, spacious and great for the best driving and we can keep operating costs to a minimum.

The Opel Zafira Tourer is not a successor to the previous Zafira but a larger car. It has a wheelbase nearly 30 cm longer and is, of course, seven-seater like all previous Zafira. Incidentally, this is the most powerful diesel with 165 hp and automatic transmission. This is a very pleasant traveling family car. Let's see what he knows!

Practical spacious minivan for the family

The latest Zafira Tourer is also typically Opel: unobtrusive but aesthetic, and has many features you can love. As a minivan, it is suitable for many purposes: up to 7 people can travel with it, there is more than 700 liters of luggage space for 5 seats, and 2 people can manage almost 2 cubic meters of cargo space - even with a flat loading surface!

Other advantageous features

The seats are very customizable, the sound insulation is excellent, and the engine speed can be kept low even at highway speeds thanks to the transmission, so we strongly recommend this car for long journeys. The great chassis provides precise handling and the turbocharged engine provides enough power to move the large body dynamically.

Comfort features and modern technical systems

The quality of the interior material and assembly contributes to comfort as well as comfort extras (eg seat heating) and its safety features are particularly reassuring: the LED headlight system has its advantages, especially in corners and reduced visibility, and An OnStar remote monitoring system can help you (which initiates an automatic emergency call in the event of an accident, but you can also ask for help in case of a technical problem - also in Hungarian!)

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