Renault Megane estate car hire - dízel autó bérlés

Type of car: Renault Megane GrandTour car hire 
Engine size: 1600 ccm
Automatic transm.: No
Aircondition: Yes
Car rental tips: Renault Megane rental car with rent-and-take service! Stylishly designed compact car rental with air conditioning, outstanding comfort and safety solutions, large space. Unlimited mileage, airport transfer, non-stop assistance.


The Renault Megane Grand Tour is a station wagon that drives in the long run

A little Megane history

The Méganes have undergone many changes in the type’s history since 1995. The French always invented something new and new as the model was constantly updated, yet in the end their GrandTour station wagon became the most successful of all. Attractive shape, excellent handling capabilities, exceptionally low consumption and, as an extra, value for money are one of the most favorable rents.

The Renault Megane Tourer family’s large boot wagon has changed a great deal and to its advantage in recent decades. The first one was off the production lines in 1995, followed by a blood refresh and in 2003 it won the Car of the Year award.

Since then, the French have been thinking hard about how to further refine this model, this series, as it could be even more to the liking of the customer. french car didn’t make the big FFF rule not to french fiat fiat ford, that’s not true at all these days! which is also brightly proven by the Renault Megáne Grand Tour.


Advantages of a car, practical in case of rent

Grand Tour, this car is actually an enlarged version of previous station wagon models, in our case we are already talking about almost a top class station wagon with similar comfort and dimensions as the previous Laguna. So this is no longer a short car that can be parked anywhere with lightning speed, but we can easily solve this problem by switching on the self-parking system mode (optional equipment). All we have to do is press a button and from then on the car will do its thing.

Well, let's talk about what the car looks like from the outside: The LED front and rear headlights for this car are already out of place, already distinguishing the car from other vehicles with its distant, distinctive futuristic view. This new headlight design sets our car apart from current trends. too. The antler front lights are also good for him, but this car actually looks formally from behind, mostly on the night road. Looking at the rear of the car, on the one hand, it is this beautiful driving light that is definitely noticeable, and on the other hand, it is obvious that the rear of the car is long, so there is a huge offer of luggage space. The huge cargo space capacity is enough for four to five suitcases, and by folding down the rear seats, we can easily transport even sheet-mounted furniture. When we start the car we can feel that the chassis is very pleasantly damped in French, we will have a bit of a rumbling, cruising, in French comfortable and soft driving experience with it.

Don't hesitate for a long time with your choice, for a holiday, in case of a long trip, the latest, very nice comfortable large station wagon of the French will surely be a good choice!


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