FORD FOCUS TURNIER tdci diesel stationwagon car rental

Engine size: 1600 ccm
Automatic transm.: No
Aircondition: Yes
Car rental tips: Our Ford Focus 2 station wagon with TDI diesel engine and its outstanding chassis still wins the satisfaction of our customers. Its maneuverability has also improved compared to the previous model, and the instrument panel has been given a more demanding layout. With delivery and free insurance in Budapest!

Ford Focus Stationwagon
Large Ford Focus combi car for rent. Take advantage of our free car delivery and collection service, which is available when you rent for more than 3 days.


Ford Focus Turnier estate TDCi

Are you planning a comfortable and economical trip with many packages?

The choice is clear: Ford Focus Estate TDCi

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Ford Focus station wagon technical specification

Although it is popularly called a folk car, the new Focus offers much more than that.

Above all, a comfortable, quiet and economical long-distance trip, even for a family of five, with plenty of packages, practical and comfortable smart solutions, and thanks to plenty of airbags and the Isofix child restraint system, as safely as possible.


Your data is convincing:

4.9 meters long, the 730-liter boot, which can be folded to almost 1.7 cubic meters by tilting the rear seats, and an average consumption of 5l / 100km.

In addition, a modern body with a vibrant design that appeals to the eye, with an excellent 0.27 air resistance value, reducing fuel consumption, environmental impact and driving noise, both outdoors and indoors.

Speaking of noise! This modern diesel engine is so quiet that it is indistinguishable to the sound of a quiet petrol engine, whether one is traveling inside or hearing it from the outside.

However, this resource, works in perfect harmony with the body, can behave dynamically and sportily, we will not have a feeling of lack if we have to overtake or accelerate!



About convenience features

As we take a seat in the car, we may be surprised that it is even more spacious inside than we guessed from the outside.

This is due, among other things, to the clever and practical interior layout.

For example, the electric handbrake takes up much less space in addition to its very comfortable automatic use, so the distance between the two front seats is absolutely sufficient, even if both front passengers are using the sliding elbow rest at the same time.

If you have adjusted the seats to be well positioned in all directions, the mirrors will be adjusted. I would point out that the exterior mirrors, despite their relatively small size, show the surrounding traffic at a perfect angle and magnification.

The interior rearview mirror size is also just perfect, taking full advantage of the entire size of the rear windshield.

In addition to the required functions expected in 2020, the central control unit also contains a lot of useful things.

Unlike other cars, Bluetooth connectivity can be set up in seconds with our smart devices and can be used in perfect quality as a speakerphone, in addition to phone conversations for our favorite music, which is impeccable in quality and volume on the famous Bang and Olufsen factory's 8 speakers. across.

All the necessary data can be checked on the dashboard and all functions can be conveniently operated.

For example, a wasteful lane departure warning system, or both an adaptive cruise control and a tire pressure monitoring system.

The image of the reversing camera is clearly visible on the central display, so even narrower spaces can be pushed in without risk.

For many, starting uphill is a daunting task. The manufacturer has also solved this with automatic anti-roll back.

In the high heat of summer, but even in the extra cold of winter, the cooling-heating system always reacts quickly, the fans make minimal noise, the automatic air conditioning does not increase the extremely low fuel consumption and even the glove compartment can be cooled for refreshing drinks or sandwiches.

Apart from the driver, passengers can't complain either!

Sectional adjustable rear seats, huge legroom, seat and door pockets, electrical connectors, reading lamps make long journeys more comfortable for them as well.

What else do you need?

Look for a pleasant holiday destination in any European country!

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